Sunday, August 18, 2019

Elizabeth Howell : How we can improve maternal healthcare — before, during and after pregnancy

Elizabeth Howell·TEDMED 2018
How we can improve maternal healthcare — before, during and after pregnancy
I’ve read a book that said that pregnancy is not sick. However, many people don’t seem to understand its meaning. They think pregnancy is not sick thus pregnant mothers can be as usual. In fact, it’s not a big mistake. It means that pregnancy is not sick because for babies, to protect babies, there is no medicine and mothers can’t take it when mothers feel sick. Mothers have to receive high-quality care during pregnancy and after delivering, even after delivering healthy babies.

The story tells us the same things.
People have to know that still maternal death rate is high and it’s preventable. 1)
All Mothers have to receive high-quality care during pregnancy, after delivering, and of course before pregnancy also. Even after delivering healthy babies, mothers tend to face dangerous situations always. 2)
Doctors, nurses, and communities have to make sure that there is no discrimination for health care. 3)
Society and hospitals have to be able to serve high-quality health care for all mothers. This is not a problem of technology and tools. 4)

Words in this story
mortality /noun/ state of having a limited life span, rate of death,
mortality rate is the number of a particular group who die each year
fatality /noun/ disastrous event,
fatality rate is the number of deaths from a specific cause
fertility /noun/ the birthrate of a population

Anthony McCarten : A (not so) scientific experiment on laughter

Anthony McCarten·TEDxMünchen
A (not so) scientific experiment on laughter
The speaker holds a scientific experiment on laughter by using jokes in the talk and it shows that humor obliges people to have an open mind. It’s empathy, forgiveness, and relationships and it’s taken part in societies means you live healthily as humans, so lose the power of laugh is lose the power of think.

And then laughter is, in fact, our ancient response to pass of animal danger.

People can avoid dangerous with laughter and take part in communities with laughter.

The story solved my question! I wanted to tell my teacher for a long time. She often says angrily to me not to laugh, though, my laughter must be a way to protect myself!!!! from her anger. Hahaha

Words in this story
oblige /əˈblīj/verb/ make (someone) legally or morally bound to an action or course of action

Daniel Susskind : 3 myths about the future of work (and why they're not true)

Daniel Susskind·TED@Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
3 myths about the future of work (and why they're not true)
In the article, 3 myths that the speaker tells us are that we strongly believe that economic pie is continuing being bigger, 1) our intelligence is better than machines, 2), and superiority always wins. 3)
Even robots come there, there is another job, though, it’s not true.
It’s because economic pie won’t continue being bigger, 1) machine can learn and its intelligence is better than humans, 2) and a lot of new ideas are created or have to be created. Even a start was first, victory is not promised. 3)

The work that people do now perhaps disappears. The speaker is an economist, thus he has to say about how economic is growing how material prosperity brings us happy.

We have to have very different thoughts about our job. It means that l think that having jobs, getting money, material prosperity, and our happiness are separately thought. It will come soon.

Hajer Sharief : How to use family dinner to teach politics

Hajer Sharief·TEDSummit 2019
How to use family dinner to teach politics
I really agreed to the speaker’s suggestion because in Japan, the election rate is always low. People seem to have opinions against current politics, though, they don’t go to elections. In Japan, people are in fact banned from talking about politics in the business scene. In school, students don’t discuss it and, of course, with family, there are no political stories. Now, with TV and smartphones, people have meals. There, there are no conversations. Awful!

The speaker tells us that in family dinner, discussion with kids is very important. Her example was really wonderful. It could change a family washing system that is not only girl doing but also men have to do. Family small discussion leads to decisions making and having political conversations.

Kids need to participate, sometimes mightn’t want to do. However, kids can learn, grow, and know about how to participate in political conversations. Kids can have skills that they can care about politics and how to participate in it. All people should engage in politics. It’s equal opportunities.

Albert-László Barabási : The real relationship between your age and your chance of success

Albert-László Barabási·TEDxMidAtlantic
The real relationship between your age and your chance of success
One of my friends said the same story with the article that in the past, he wanted to do a big thing and he wanted to be just big. He thought that that’s his success, though, when he realized that he had many things to have to do for others, societies and the world. The performance he does isn’t successful. Success is about what the community notices from what he did. For that, he is now running, communities agree that he is a successful person, however, he is still running. Success doesn’t have limitation and can come to you many times. People think that youthfulness and big performances are successful, though, it’s wrong. You can reach your success anytime and you continue doing.

Suleika Jaouad : What almost dying taught me about living

Suleika Jaouad TED2019  (transcript)
What almost dying taught me about living
Even in a bad situation, if we change our thoughts, we must live strongly. I really love the speaker's words.

The speaker was told that she had cancer and received severe treatment. She thought many times that if it didn’t happen to her, she would be happy. However, she realized that during treatment, she lives hard and she has been her. She embraced her situation and she thought that life had interpretations to think many things.

Humans hope that there's some beautiful and perfect state of wellness and someday it comes to me, though, stop thinking about it and quit living in it and a state of constant dissatisfaction.

The speaker’s last words must be needed by all people who always hope what they don’t have but compare with what others have. It doesn’t make them happy forever.

Ocean Ramsey : Why the world needs sharks

Ocean Ramsey·TEDxKlagenfurt
Why the world needs sharks
Although the speaker focuses on sharks, the story tells us that all animals are important because animals interact with not only other animals but also their surrounding sea, mountains, air environment, water that we drink and it means to act on humans and to affect humans’ health. However, especially sharks are not thought that it’s important because of a movie that has told sharks are very scary and people who want to eat shark fin.
The information lets people think that sharks are not necessary, though, it’s wrong.

By returning only a few numbers of sharks lead to thriving clean oceans, reef, and fish. The speaker creates web platforms also for all people to be able to take part in this activity. For protecting sharks and oceans, we can use SNS. When we can’t see oceans and sharks, It notifies us. We have to save sharks for we live.